Investing Made Easy

Our Low-cost portfolio construction method and
technology-driven automated approach makes
investment really easy and takes away all your
worries regarding investments.

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The AlphaaMoney Approach

Disciplined and Automatic Approach
to Investment to eliminate biases

Asset allocation is the distribution of an investor’s wealth into different asset classes based on a risk-return framework.
The mix of assets for an investor is dependent on his / her investment time horizon and preference between preservation of capital, regular income and capital appreciation. Risky assets would necessitate longer investment time
horizon. Investors with shorter time horizon would be satisfied with low return fixed income securities.

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Efficient Portfolios

We make investments from a well-defined universe of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and Index Funds using algorithms.

Portfolio of ETFs & Index funds is both operationally
and informationally efficient. In addition to the lowest cost of transaction, Investor benefits by investing in
passive instruments with minimal risk of under-performance to the benchmark.

Lower Cost

Our automated approach involves no human intervention since the funds are passively managed.

This makes the investment process efficient while keeping costs low.

Risk Profile

Calculated based on your risk appetite

Personalized Solutions

What is Your Risk Tolerance?

Assess your Risk Profile by just answering few questions, and we will help you to build a diversified portfolio based on Risk and Returns of each of underlying assets and construct portfolio with the low-cost ETFs/ Index funds/ Listed REITs/InviTs.

Probability of
Positive Return

Historic data (2006-22) for BSE200 TRI shows that chances of getting positive return increase significantly as you spend more time in the market.

In 1Y, the Probability of Positive Returns is around 78%, whereas, incase of 3Y investment period, this probability increases to 96%, and for 5Y and above investment period, the Positive Returns Probability is almost equal to 100%, i.e., the chances of losing money are almost Nil.

Investment Time
Period & Returns

Historic data (2006-22) shows that the difference between the maximum and minimum returns from BSE200 TRI decreases as time period of investment increases.

Hence, the increase in investment period reduces both the quantum and probability of loss. Therefore, Time in The Market is more important than trying to Time the Market.

Diversified Universe of Assets & Instruments

India Large
Cap Equity

India Midcap

Foreign Equity


REITs/ InviT

Fixed Income

Fixed Income

Fixed Income Gilt

Fixed Income SDL

We simplify investments and provide you peace of mind
by helping you to achieve your financial goals.

Manage your Investments
from your mobile

We construct customized, low-cost, diversified
& optimum portfolios across Equities, Bonds,
Precious Metals & Asset Backed Securities using
modern portfolio tools.