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We offer Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (PMS). We are registered and regulated under Securities Board of India (SEBI). HDFC Bank has been appointed as Custodian of our PMS. On product class basis, we fall under “Multi Asset based PMS”.

What do we do?

Customized investment
solutions for investors

Portfolio Construction Using
Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)

Passive investments from a
well-defined universe of Exchange Traded Funds and
Index Funds.

To beat the market, the best strategy is to reduce cost.

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Asset Allocation based Portfolio Management in Alphaa Money

Can Asset Allocation be done systematically by introducing statistical tools into finance while keeping the process simple?
This is precisely what we have set ourselves to do.

Why Asset Allocation?

This approach helps the investor to diversify efficiently by introducing discipline in investing
& helps in dealing with behavioural limitations during market excesses.

Assessment of risk appetite

Risk Profiling helps in deciding investor’s preference between preservation of capital, regular income and capital appreciation and thus determines strategic Asset Allocation.

Construction of the portfolio.

Our algorithm sets up the investor’s optimum portfolio based on their risk profile and consequent allocation of ETFs / Index funds is based on Return / Risk / Covariance framework.

Monitoring &
rebalancing portfolio.

The purpose of rebalancing is to maintain the portfolio’s original risk – return characteristics. We plan to undertake limited rebalancing being mindful of tax related implications for the investor.

Performance measurement.

In India, no Bond can be issued without credit rating. CRISIL has the best record in terms of default risk and thus, we have chosen the following benchmarks after great deliberations.

AlphaaMoney Process

Seamless, digital process right from Onboarding to Portfolio Construction and Monitoring and Re-balancing on a regular basis.

Login to the platform via website or app from your computer/mobile. Update and validate your KYC and PAN details and documents.

Risk Profiling
Assess your risk profile by answering a few questions to decide the strategic asset allocation.

Portfolio Creation
Engine Room – Using MPT, our algorithm sets up the optimum portfolio tailored to the assessed risk profile.

Investor’s funds will be invested in various ETFs/Index Funds as per the optimum portfolio.

Regular portfolio monitoring and rebalancing to maintain the original asset allocation.

Automation saves time.

After joining, just answer a few questions and we will customize a portfolio of diversified, low-cost ETFs and index funds designed to grow your wealth over the long term. We automatically invest in markets based on your risk profile.
Our algorithms regularly monitor and manage portfolios at a lower cost compared to active fund managers.

Our Approach



Fund Manager replicates the movement of benchmark indices so there is little/no human intervention.

Expense Ratio

ETFs and Index Funds:

Up to 1%

Who We Are

Puneet Pandey


Prakhar Pandey


Jayaram Srinivasan


Jyoti Prakash

Managing Partner and Fund Manager - Equity | PMS

Shilpi Dubey

Shilpi Dubey

Managing Partner - Institutions & Wealth, PRP professional Edge

Paramjeet Singh

Partner, Wealth and Asset Allocation

Rahul Jagetiya

Assistant Fund Manager - Equity | PMS

Harshish Kaur

Manager, Product

Vidhi Vora

Product Designer


Product Designer

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We construct customized, low-cost, diversified
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